Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Nitty Gritty on EasyTarts

We get a lot of questions about our Soy/Botanical EasyTart™.  What is it?  What does it do?  How do I use it? So, to shed some light on the subject, we’ve decided to give a crash course here.

Let’s start with What is it?  The EasyTart™ is a wickless, flameless tin of scented wax.  It is intended to be used in an electric tart/melt warmer or it can also be used on a candle warming plate.  Each of these types of warmers can easily be found in a number of places including Michaels Craft Stores, Joanns Fabrics, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc.  Instead of burning a candle, you can place the tart on the warmer and it will melt the wax and release the fragrance.  The EasyTart™ is similar to other wax tarts/melts, wax potpourri, and/or tart brittle that’s on the market today.  The difference between the traditional tart or melt and our EasyTarts is that the EasyTart™ is designed to be melted in the tin it is packaged in.  Therefore, cleaning up or changing fragrances is super easy as there isn’t any wax you have to dig out of the well of the melter.

What does it do?  Well, this is kind of similar to “What is it?” really.  The EasyTart™ offers a safe, non-burning alternative to lighting a candle in your home.  For those who have concerns due to small children, pets, or even just outright forgetfulness, the EasyTart™ may be the better solution.  The tart/wax warmers on the market typically use a light bulb for their heat source.  Most are 25 – 35 watt bulbs and do not put out a large amount of heat.  As most waxes have a melt point between 100 – 130 degrees, anything over this would just be excessive and dangerous. As the bulb heats the EasyTart™, the wax begins to melt and the fragrance (being heat activated) will begin to disperse throughout the area.  Typically, our EasyTart™ will last 16 – 24 hours on a standard tart warmer.  If used on a candle warming plate, the fragrance time will be reduced due to the higher heating temperature of the device (8 – 10 hours).

Last, but not least, we get to our favorite part, “How do I use it?”.  Easily!  Our favorite part about about the EasyTart™ is how super simple it is to use.  Simply remove the outside band label from the tart, remove the lid, and place it upright in your melter.  Ta-da!  In about 15 – 20 minutes you’ll be surrounded by yummy goodness.

Had a hard time deciding which fragrance to start with and can’t wait to try the next?  No biggie!  Once the wax in the tin is cool and solidified, you can simply place the lid back on it and swap it out with another fragrance.  You don’t have to wait to use up all the fragrance in the current tart before you can switch.  You don’t have to pop your melters bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes just to be able to get the wax out.  You don’t have to take a butter knife to the bowl to break the wax loose.  You simply just have to drop a new tin in your melter, can it be any easier?!?  And with the EasyTart™, there’s no lingering, left over fragrance in your melter since the wax doesn’t actually come in contact with the wax well/bowl!

As our fragrance selection continues to grow, there will be even more great EasyTarts to try.  But it’s ok, you only have a minimum 1 hour commitment to the one you’re burning now.  ;)  And as always, if you have any questions that we have not addressed, please feel free to ask away.

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