Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Rooms Sprays and why we ♥ them

As the weather starts to turn to the warmer side, we begin seeing interest in our non-burning home fragrance items increase.  The star of our flameless home fragrance line is our Ultra Concentrated Room Spray.  It's the perfect way to quickly freshen up a room.  Just 2 to 3 sprays will fragrance a mid sized room for hours!  

We've been putting the Green Tea & Lemongrass spray to the test.  Since the beginning of October, it has been used in a public half bath in a professional office.  It is used regularly at a rate of 2 sprays per day.  The fragrance lingers all day and receives tons of compliments!  At this usage rate, the 2 oz bottle will last approximately 18 months!  For those that like to see the numbers . . . The bottle retails for $10.00, so, if used daily, the cost to fragrance a half bath for 18 months would be approximately $0.56 per month!  So when asked, what product is the best as far as price to usage, we always answer, hands down, our Room Spray!!!

Our Room Sprays are made with dry oils (meaning fast drying and non-greasy) and phthalate free fragrances.  They do not contain dyes, alcohols, aerosols or other propellants.  While they are safe for most fabrics, we suggest you not spray them directly on silk, satin, or suede as the fragrant oils may cause darkening of the fabric.

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